Pumpkin tunnel & Pumpkin PIZZA DIY & National Center for Traditional Arts ~ one day trip of Yilan~

/ Jan 11th 2018 /

Departure Date:06/25(Monday)

Schedule Taipei Wang Shan Leisure Farm Center for Traditional Arts Taipei
Meals Lunch: rural flavor Chinese dish
0940-1000 Gather at the designated place.

Wang Shan Leisure Farm --- Pumpkin PIZZA DIY

It is located in Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County. It is mainly planted with various kinds of Cucurbitaceae plants from more than 300 species in five continents, including Pumpkin, sunspot pumpkin and ornamental pumpkin, seasonal fruit due to the relationship between the different seasons also planted a variety of varieties of fruits replaced, such as flat Po, melon,  passion fruit, tomatoes and so on. Because the fruit tunnel is full of surprises, always
attracting many tourists stop to watch.


Lunch --- rural flavor Chinese dish (NT$ 3,500 per table)

National Center for Traditional Arts --- reopen in 2017

This new 24-hectare facility is located beside beautiful Dong Mountain River in Yilan. In addition to organized displays and performances of culture and art, it also provides a stage where performing artists can show off their creative works. The emphasis here is on the continuous
propagation, innovation, and renewal of traditional arts.


1530-- Return happily~

→The above time is the reference time. The actual situation will depend on the weather and traffic on that day←


Price calculation: each car calculates by twenty persons. (Exclude children under 3 )
 * The following is the fee of each person.

Average cost adult over 12 children for 6-11 children for 3-5 baby under 2
NT$ 1,550 NT$ 1,520 NT$ 1,400 NT$ 1,00
about 52 USD about  51 USD about 47 USD about 4 USD

Each car calculates by twenty people, excluding children under 3.
If the number is not enough, you need to pay the difference.
Children over 3 years of age all take up seats and meals.

Fee contain

tour bus fare、lunch fee、scenic spot entrance ticket、toll、parking fee、tourist guide and driver’s travel expenses、Travel Liability Insurance (Tourism Contract Liability Insurance of NT$ 5 million + Medical Fee of NT$ 500 thousand)、taxes and miscellaneous expenses
* If Party A passengers are under 15 or over 70, according to law, the maximum benefit amount of accidental death and disability  of each passenger is NT$ 2 million.


After determining, you need to prepay 30% deposit to make preparations, and please pay off the remaining balance three days before departure.
Because it falls on holiday weekend, we need to work as early as possible. Thus, please confirm as soon as possible to make preparation of related matters.

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