Tour reservation information

How to make tour reservation?

Registration period:May 10 th to June 10 th

Please provide the following information when registering:

  1. Trip name
  2. Please provide below information for insurance purpose
    • Taiwanese: Chinese name/ Date of birth (YYYY.MM.DD)/ ID No.
    • Chinese (from Mainland China): Chinese name/ Date of birth (YYYY.MM.DD)/Taiwan Entry Permit No./ Sex
    • Foreigner: English Name/ Date of birth (YYYY.MM.DD)/ Passport No./ Sex
  3. Any special request (EX: Vegetarian etc)

Payment method:May 10th to June 17th

Credit Card Authorization Form (If you are a foreign traveler pay by foreign credit card, please attach your passport and a copy of both sides of credit card.)

Please fax the Credit Card Authorization Form and fax it to 886+2-6607-1020 or e-mail to tommychuang@liontravel.com.
If you have any question, please email to tommychuang@liontravel.com.